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surgicalsoutie Admin 24th Jul
it is all maps from the active group
Mrsteaky 24th Jul
is it the active duty or are they different
Mrsteaky 24th Jul
what are the most common maps played in dgl
surgicalsoutie Admin 24th Jul
sorry was working didnt see the message till now
surgicalsoutie Admin 24th Jul
yeah that is correct
Weezing 24th Jul
ah I see, ok never mind, I see CS training is with Player names on the day. (if i am correct)
Weezing 24th Jul
I see there are DOTA training days Surge on the Calendar. When are the CS training days, I would like to try attend some to improve myself?
surgicalsoutie Admin 23rd Jul
Why you no use chat
surgicalsoutie Admin 23rd Jul
surgicalsoutie Admin 21st Jul
yeah, guys remember to check the calendar regularly..
SabreXqt Coach 21st Jul
I've posted the times of the practise again
surgicalsoutie Admin 20th Jul
ol papa add me on steam
surgicalsoutie Admin 20th Jul
hey hey
Ol' Papa Smurf 20th Jul
SponsM8 19th Jul
i prefer to keep my intelligence to once a year so prepare for a tsunami of stupid
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These are some of the frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I become Admin?
A: You can become an admin when applications become available and you are a loyal and trusted member of the clan.

Q: When do I rank up from Trainee to a Member?
A: You have a three month probation period following the rules of the sign up to Join the clan. After 3 months you will be ranked up to a full member of the clan.

Q: How to I play for the DGL teams?
A: Every 4 months there is a Try out event which takes place and is only available to Members and not Trainees. You can sign up for the Trials by going to the "Events" tab and sign up through the event on the calendar.

Q: What happens if I get caught hacking?
A: Pretty obvious you get banned from the clan.

Q: What must my friend do to join?
A: Direct them to the clan website http://ssddsa.clanwebsite ... .com and have them sign up

Q: Where do I sigh up for the activities?
A: Click on the "Events" tab and click on the event on the day you would like to join and click attend.

Q: What do I do with my Cookies on discord?
A: Well through donations we can afford to pay for merchandise which you can use your cookies to buy. 

Q: How can I apply for one of the staff positions?
A: If you are able to prove you can contribute in a good way then we will regard you for a position

Q: What should I do if I want to leave the clan?
A: Please be reasonable and let Surgical ( ... /id/surgicalsoutie/ )  know,  it is difficult to keep track of all the members.

Q: Will i be kicked from the Clan if I am inactive?
A: If you are inactive for 60 days or more yes.

Q: What happens if I break the Rules?
A: Depending on the seriousness of the situation will be decided by the admins if it is a ban-able offence or not.

Q: What if I have a problems with one of the Members?
A: Let an admin know about the situation so we can try and resolve the problem.
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